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Winning the lottery is something that many of us only dream about. But with far better odds and an impressive £25,000 Jackpot, it may not be a life changing win but it certainly would help brighten your day!

The Sunshine Lottery is based on the Fahrenheit temperatures recorded in six locations as published in the Daily Mail on a Monday.

For a £1 weekly entry, you choose 6 numbers which are matched against the second digit of temperatures in selected destinations around Europe …

Match Three to win £2.00
Match Four to win £20
Match Five to win £250
Match Six to win £25,000 Jackpot

With better odds of winning any prize in a single draw (only 1:63) you can enjoy the fun of a flutter and a chance of winning up to £25,000, without the worry of where you’ve put your ticket or checking your numbers. All the while raising vital funds for animals in need!

To be in it to win it, just download and complete the Freepost entry form to the left oft his page or join online by clicking here.

Thank you and good luck!


Winners are notified automatically and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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