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We will be happy to give you further details about any particular animal and they can be seen on a one to one basis with a member of our staff.

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Rehoming » Small Animals » Derek & Meredith

Derek & Meredith

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If you are interested in rehoming Derek & Meredith, please call us on
01179 776043.

Breed: Ferrets
Sex: Male & Female
Ref: F010 & F011

Aww, these two are just the cutest! Derek is Meredith's dad. He is a big cuddly ferret who loves playing. He doesn't like the plastic gloves some of the staff wear so his main carer doesn't wear them at all as they confuse him; they smell funny and look like toys! Meredith is tiny compared to daddy and such a sweetie. They get on really well, bickering occasionally just like any father and daughter! They are both very playful and friendly and offer hours of entertainment.

Check out YouTube to see brilliant videos of ferrets. There is also lots of information for caring for them, such as suitable enclosures. Many pet shops claim the cages they sell are suitable for an array of animals but they are WAY to small. Please do read up on ferret care before thinking of adoption.

These two are simply awesome and whoever takes them home is very lucky indeed!

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