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We will be happy to give you further details about any particular animal and they can be seen on a one to one basis with a member of our staff.

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Bob & Marley

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If you are interested in rehoming Bob & Marley, please call us on
01179 776043.

Breed: Ferrets
Sex: Male
Ref: F012 & F013

Bob and Marley are two gorgeous ferrets who adore each other. They play together for hours every day in our ferret playroom. They are both very friendly and love human interaction. They are hilarious to watch as they duck and dive and make the cutest dooking noises as they go!

Bob & Marley require lots of space, plenty of toys, tunnels and boxes to play with. They would also happily live with more ferrets if the introductions went well and would be suitable to live with children over ten if guided at all times by an adult when it comes to care and handling.

Check out YouTube to see brilliant videos of ferrets playing, there is also lots of information for caring for them such as suitable enclosures. Many pet shops claim the cages they sell are suitable for an array of animals but they are WAY to small!!

This delightful duo will give you hours of entertainment and all they ask for in return is your love.

Whoever gets to adopt this sweet couple is very lucky indeed!! 

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