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We will be happy to give you further details about any particular animal and they can be seen on a one to one basis with a member of our staff.

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Rehoming » Small Animals » Billy & Todd

Billy & Todd

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If you are interested in rehoming Billy & Todd, please call us on
01179 776043.

Breed: Rats
Sex: Male
Ref: M066 & M067

Billy and Todd are the best of friends, they are so sweet! Todd is super friendly and definitely the more confident of the pair, he is always keen for attention and wants to be on your shoulder or up your sleeve! Billy takes a little longer to get to know you and gets a bit nervous when being picked up, but once he is in your arms (or on your shoulder) he is very happy. He does however prefer it if you pick him up with Todd so he isn't on his own as he relies on Todd for a confidence boost!

These little lads are keen to learn; rats are such intelligent creatures and can be taught many tricks, they are even known as 'the poor man's dog'. You only have to watch a few videos on YouTube to witness their awesomeness; they make superb pets but it is always good to read up on the needs of any animal before adopting.

Billy and Todd do require a lovely big cage with lots to do and climb on as they are little acrobats! They also need plenty of time out of their cage to run around. They love playtime with each other and their humans and will give you hours of entertainment, asking for only your love in return.

We are confident these boys will find a home very quickly!


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