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Want to help animals in need but don't know how to fit a fundraising event into your busy schedule? Never fear - there are simple and easy ways to raise much needed funds with very little effort. Perhaps you are having a clearout or maybe work in a shop or large organisation? If so our recyclcling scheme or charity collection tins could be just what you are looking for.

The phrase 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves' springs to mind, as we can earn thousands of pounds a year from other people's spare change and 'rubbish'!

Collection Tins

Holding one of our collection tins on your shop or surgery counter, bar or reception desk is an easy way to help raise funds for animals in need.

Why not ask your employer or local shop if they would like to display one of our collection tins. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the donations mount up. Simply return the box to us when it is full or call for it to be collected.

Every penny counts and all donations will be gratefully received.

Please note that street collections require a licence from the Council, and collections on private property require the property owner’s consent.

To request a collection tin please contact us on 0117 300 3968 or send us an email. (NB, Our collection tins are a little more modern than those pictured above!)


One man's rubbish is another man's treasure! We can turn mobile phones, old or broken jewellery & watches, used stamps, CD's, DVD's or computer games and even old and foreign currency into money for animals in need!

A large box of stamps can earn us a whopping £80 while old mobiles can even fetch £60. All funds we put towards helping thousands of animals each year.

You can either drop off your recyclables at our Branch Office on Albert Road or request a Freepost envelope for mobiles or jewellery from us which will go directly to the recycling company.

Why not get family, friends and workmates involved in your collection? Put together a collection box and ask your company to help by recycling its used stamps. For large workplace/school collections, we can even collect it from you.

Contact us on 0117 300 3968 or send us an email for more details.

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