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25/01/2013 - We need your help!

A neglected dog

“If legislation to protect animals is to be effective, it must be adequately enforced.”
Richard Martin MP, 1822 - co-founder of the RSPCA

There will be a debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 29 January about the RSPCA and our right to bring forward private prosecutions.

The RSPCA undertakes most of the work in England and Wales to investigate and enforce laws to protect animals from cruelty. From severe neglect to deliberate and sustained animal abuse, where there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest, the RSPCA will seek justice for animals who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. If the RSPCA did not do this work, it would not happen and those who harm animals would go unchallenged.

This debate, sponsored by Simon Hart MP (ex-chief executive of pro-hunting lobby group the ‘Countryside Alliance’) is the latest attack in a campaign to undermine the RSPCA which has resulted in recent misleading and inaccurate media coverage, now the subject of a press complaints commission complaint. The attempt to discredit our name has been prompted by the recent successful prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt for breaking the law on hunting with hounds, which predictably upset those seeking repeal of the Hunting Act.

Take action now! Email your MP urging them to show their support for RSPCA prosecutions against animal abuse.

Make no mistake. This attack on the RSPCA is not motivated by concerns for animal welfare, but by enthusiasm for illegal fox hunting by those who seek the return of blood sports.

It is important that we get as much support as we can at the debate. So please click on this link to send an invitation to your MP asking them to attend the debate to support the RSPCA (it takes less than 90 seconds).

If you would like a political briefing and more information then click on the link below:

Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues and thank you for your loyal support, we and the animals need it more than ever.

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