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Our Clinic

The Clinic provides a low cost veterinary service for pets whose owners are on a low income.

Owned pets are seen strictly by appointment only.

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30/06/2017 - Adopting a Golden Oldie


The benefits of adopting an animal in their retirement years.

There is something truly special about offering an older animal a comfortable and loving home during the later years of their life.

Here’s 5 reasons why adopting a golden oldie is so great:

- You’ll be their hero: People who adopt older animals feel an enormous sense of pride knowing they’re giving an older animal a second chance at a happy life.

- Who says you can’t teach an old dog (or cat!) new tricks?

- Older pets are relaxing to chill out with - they’ll be your instant companion.

- They’ve already learnt all of their manners!

- They’ll be forever thankful.

Gregor the cat (pictured) might be a mature moggie, but he has so much love to give a purr-fect partner. Gregor is estimated to be 10+, and he’s desperate to find a lap to curl up on for his retirement years.

He’s an affectionate gentleman, with so much love to share. Gregor has some medical conditions that we would need to talk to you about, and he would require a special home with a family who can offer him all of the extra support that he needs.

Have we convinced you? Call 0117 9776043 to talk to us about Gregor today.

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