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Giving a Christmas, Birthday, Wedding or other gift to a person who cares about animals?  Why not buy him or her something different this year.

Our Gifts That Give Again allow you to donate the gift of care to animals in the RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic and Bristol Dogs & Cat Home in the name of your friend or relative.

Instead of bath salts, why not spend £10 to provide first aid for an injured hedgehog? Or forget the novelty tie and use the £20 to pay for an emergency drip and drugs for one of the many cats who are, sadly, hit by a car? Instead of buying a “Christmas jumper”, £50 could pay for the life-saving surgery on a swan that has swallowed discarded fishing tackle.

These are just some of the presents you can buy for your friends and relatives - and as well as knowing the good work being done in their name, they will receive a card, keyring and newsletter.

To see the full list of gifts please visit our on-line shop. Alternatively, if you would like to receive a full brochure with more details, please call us on 0117 3003968  or send us an email.

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