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Help & Advice > Feral Cats (cats living wild)

True feral cats are the offspring of stray or abandoned domestic cats. They live wild in towns, cities or rural areas and may have little or no contact with humans. As a result they are often scared of people and will avoid them.

In most cases, adult feral cats cannot be domesticated or rehomed, as they have not been socialised when young and have become too used to living wild.

Neutering of feral cats has major health benefits and helps control the colony population. To be neutered, feral cats need to be trapped as they are too wild to be handled.

Working with other cat welfare organisations, the RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic operates a neuter and release program for feral cats.

If you need advice on helping feral cats in the Bristol area, call the RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic on 0117 9724567

To read our full policy on feral cats, click on the download to the left.

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