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Campaigns > Back off Badgers

Give Animals a Voice - Back off Badgers!The Government has announced that it may undertake a badger cull in some areas of England as part of a package of other measures to control the disease of bovine TB in cattle.

Scientific evidence suggests that the culling of badgers may have a limited benefit on the disease and in surrounding areas outside the cull it may increase the disease in cattle. The National RSPCA also has concerns on how culling might be carried out.

A TB vaccine for badgers was licensed for use in March and the RSPCA believe the government should go ahead with the project that had been planned using this vaccine and should wait for results from Wales, where a cull is due to take place.

The National RSPCA also want to see a continuation of improved cattle measures, including pre- and post-movement testing, husbandry and biosecurity.


The Society is also dismayed that the Government has announced it is only going to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB in a limited area of Gloucestershire, rather than six areas in Staffordshire, Herefordshire/Worcestershire and Devon as was originally planned.

For further information from the National RSPCA website please click here.

What can you do to help?

• If you live in England, you can use the National RSPCA's email tool to write to your MP and ask them to back off badgers

• Write to Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP, the Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at the following address: Defra,Nobel House,17 Smith Square,London. SW1P 3JR

• You can follow Back off Badgers on Twitter.

• Sign up to the National RSPCA's campaign network 'Give animals a voice' .

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