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So what’s the answer – and why are we asking?

Sadly, thousands of pet rabbits end up in the care of the RSPCA every year.

The Inspectors see thousands more in their own homes – which unhappily are often small hutches where the rabbits are kept all day with no company, and no opportunities to play, exercise or graze on grass.

Rabbits have complex needs, and can be time-consuming and costly to care for properly, but for those prepared to meet their needs they can be very rewarding pets.

Do you know what rabbits love to eat?

Even people who love their rabbits or want to get one don't always get it right.

For example:
• Nearly one in four people think that a rabbit's main diet is 'rabbit food' – pellets or muesli from the pet shop.

• Around one in five think it's carrots.

• But less than one in ten know the right answer – that it's hay and grass!

Help us to spread Hay Fever!

The National RSPCA have done lots of research to make sure we're giving out the right advice – so we're now inviting you to come with us on a journey as we find out What Bugs a Bunny?

The first part of our campaign is called Hay Fever and explores what we should be feeding our rabbits to keep them happy and healthy.

Find out more about What Bugs a Bunny?, plus further information on rabbit care and a their new video, 'No-one likes a Grass - Except Rabbits!' on the RSPCA Website.

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