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We bring free pet care to Lawrence Weston

Bristol RSPCA & RSPCA National run free pop-up clinic in Lawrence Weston to help animals in need

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Campaigns > Animal Obesity

We claim to be a nation of animal lovers but are we actually guilty of killing our pets with kindness?

According to leading vets, pet obesity is one of the biggest issues affecting pets’ health with one in three of the UK’s dogs and cats carrying a few more pounds than they should! Overweight pets can be reluctant to exercise and will get out of breath more easily - more importantly they can develop serious health problems including diabetes, arthritis and even organ failure. Sadly, overweight pets will generally have a reduced life span.

At the RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic we are concerned that animals with weight problems may not be living life to the full and may develop any of the diseases associated with obesity.

The most effective way to achieve safe weight loss is by a combination of exercise and feeding a specially designed diet. Most vets run “Weight Watchers” schemes to help owners of overweight pets restore them to their former selves!

This animation was produced by the creator of the hugely successful animation Simon’s Cat, in support of the RSPCA’s campaign to tackle pet obesity.

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