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Appeal Archive > Make a Staffie Smile Appeal

There are many misconceptions about Staffordshire bull terriers, their characteristics and suitability as family pets. While perceived as rough and tough, with the right owners Staffies can be wonderfully behaved dogs.

These once popular, loving family pets have a natural affinity with people, earning them the nickname 'nanny dog'. In fact, the Kennel Club stated, "With the human race, he is kindness itself, and his genuine love of children is well known.”

Staffies are highly intelligent, affectionate and eager to please, giving you a lifetime of devotion. Sadly people don’t always associate the breed with these qualities.

Staffies have suffered from a negative image in recent years due to irresponsible ownership – those seeking a macho looking dog, training it to be aggressive or owners with good intentions but without the knowledge to train them effectively. Any dog can be aggressive or difficult to control in the wrong hands.

The National RSPCA chief vet stated: "If people think that Staffies have problems, they're looking at the wrong end of the dog lead! When well cared for and properly trained they can make brilliant companions.”

Sadly due to overbreeding and bad press, across the country, animal centres like ours have become overwhelmed by unwanted Staffies. On average, over half of the dogs in our care are Staffordshire bull terriers.

The Make a Staffie Smile Appeal aims to help raise awareness of the plight of the Staffordshire bull terrier and their true, happy nature by raising funds, enabling us to:

You can help Make a Staffie Smile today, just…

Every penny counts and we hope that with your support, we can reduce the number of these misunderstood dogs that find themselves calling a kennel ‘home’.

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